Our consultants have experienced the complete life cycle of Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation, including software selection, analysis, design, development, test, implementation, upgrade, and operations management. They have also experienced the unique challenge of turning around struggling projects, some of which were supported by other consulting firms. These combined experiences allow us to provide you with a methodology which draws from the best features of classic Project Management Institute (PMI)-based approaches, the methodologies of market leading consulting firms, and your unique needs. This gives you the greatest chance to successfully navigate your organization through such a challenging, but rewarding, effort. If your organization is looking to implement or upgrade packaged software solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Electronic Health Records, Medical Practice Management, or Regional Health Information Organizations, please contact us to help you navigate the life cycle of your software selection and implementation.


Capstone also provides RFP Services. If you are planning to issue a Request for Proposal or perform an evaluation of responses to an RFP, Capstone Management & Technology Partners can provide independent, unbiased help. Our understanding of the RFP process and the functional requirements of business processes make us a valuable supplement to your team. If you are creating an RFP we can work with you to ensure all your requirements are clearly articulated and each vendor will have the opportunity to respond in a clear and quantifiable manner. If you have issued the RFP and need an objective interpretation of the response, we can help inĀ  that way as well.